Poland's Non-Profit Org 'Tech to the Rescue' Helps Ukrainian NGOs

Poland’s Non-Profit Org ‘Tech to the Rescue’ Helps Ukrainian NGOs

Tech to the Rescue announces an action to help Ukrainian NGOs in connection with the current that has flared up today. Tech to the Rescue is an organization that aims to unlock all the limited technological resources in the social world through the free participation of tech partners. Its goals include hiring analysts to help NGOs identify their technology needs and a team to ensure that sufficient technical resources are available to support projects. TTTR is a non-profit organization based in Poland that connects NGOs needing technical support with companies willing to provide them with technical skills.

Tech To The Rescue claims to have connected 24 NGOs with tech companies and is currently working on 45 projects. According to Tech To The Rescue, some of these projects are already running, including a porn platform to collect verified support proposals for Ukrainian refugees, a Ukrainian-language map that educates users on humanitarian and medical aid, and an NFT charity fundraiser. As part of the #TechForUkraine campaign, 60 NGOs from Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and the US presented projects from 60 NGOs from Poland. In addition, the group launched the #TechForUkraine campaign to unite IT companies with NGOs supporting Ukrainians.

Tech To The Rescue has launched the #TechforUkraine initiative to help charities in the country digitize and increase the impact of charities in the country they base in. Tech companies worldwide can also take part in the #TechForUkraine campaign by dedicating resources and staff time to work directly with Ukrainian non-profit organizations. Many non-profit organizations in Ukraine have already joined the #TechForUkraine marketing campaign, asking for help from the global know-how trade. Tech companies invited to apply can donate person-hours to Ukrainian non-profit organizations as part of the Tech to the Rescue #TechForUkraine campaign.

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The TTTRs #TechForUkraine campaign lists a wide range of Ukrainian NGO projects needing technical assistance.

To better understand the needs of Ukrainian NGOs, Tech to the Rescue relies on the help of the GURT Resource Center, the oldest and most extensive information and social skills center in Ukraine. As the invasion of Ukraine began on Feb. 24, TTTR launched the #TechForUkraine campaign, which has so far brought together 24 non-profit organizations with tech companies to develop digital solutions. These solutions aim to overcome the humanitarian crisis in cybersecurity, distribution resources, secure messaging, integrated payments, and data-driven decision-making.

The foundation launched the #TechForUkraine campaign to provide free support to NGOs working on pressing issues related to war’s immediate and long-term consequences. Since the launch of the #TechForUkraine campaign, more than 450 IT companies, like xvideos from 40 countries have joined the #TechForUkraine campaign, ready to support NGOs for free, helping them address their digital priorities and expand their reach. His #TechForUkraine campaign aims to convince tech-savvy people to help Ukrainian charities tackle weak security systems, outdated software, and the lack of an easy-to-use UI and UX.

In addition to offering money, people working in the tech sector are now coming together to find ways to use their skills to help Ukrainians affected by the Russian invasion. For example, some Israeli medical companies have also teamed up to support Ukrainians emotionally. These companies include Kai, an AI-powered personal trainer to support mental wellness. Amplio Learning, a platform that helps students with special needs, learning difficulties, and emotional challenges, and Femi, a digital health services company.

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There is a group on LinkedIn that connects people from Ukraine. And with companies from, for example, Poland.

People with available numbers can sign up for We Help Ukraine, a new platform that helps Ukrainian refugees in various ways. Other organizations are gathering on the other side of the border with Ukraine to help civilians fleeing Ukraine.

Since then, many Ukrainians have joined volunteer networks and charities, helping the military and rescuing refugees. According to the United Nations, they have helped and supported some 2.9 million people. We Help Ukraine also help displaced Ukrainians access financial, medical, and psychological support, obtain refugee status, find jobs and attend local language courses.

Like the #TechforUkraine initiative, but for people (not companies) with tech skills who want to help, Gustavo Ivanaga, a Google engineer from Germany, has launched the Ukraine Roksa Global Working Group. Remote Ukraine is another platform that aims to leverage a highly-skilled Ukrainian workforce, bringing together highly skilled technicians with EU businesses. Find includes remote work platforms for Ukrainians, Airbnb’s voluntary refugee-hosting service, and websites that connect professionals and tech companies with non-governmental organizations to help digitize their work.

Kubatska said they already have 722 organizations and companies from 40 countries ready to help in their database.

They are now working to protect NGOs that help Ukrainians from cyberattacks and protect their data. Tech companies can help NGOs build systems for resource allocation, payments and donations, secure messaging, and more. Tech To The Rescue plans to launch nearly 100 digital projects for non-profits in the region over the next three months.

Your company can join the Tech To The Rescueas #TechForUkraine initiative. In addition to questions, you can also send them a link to some resources about staying in Poland and sending help and assistance to fellow Ukrainians. Tech To The Rescue (TTTR) is a non-profit organization based in Poland that connects NGOs in need of IT support with companies willing to provide it. The Polish IT support has now shifted its focus to Ukraine to assist the help groups and help Ukrainian IT. companies fight against Russian cyber attacks.