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Flash is a cool way to add a little spice to your website. However Unless your site doesn't need to be found by the search engines for you to get new business we recommend never having a website developed in flash entirely, adding a little flash here and there is a great way to provide your users an interactive experience but if your entire website is developed in flash Google will be unable to read the website and as a result your site will not be indexed properly. Flash which is developed and supported by Adobe has come along way and there are literally thousands of other uses for it other that cool images that move and make sound. Flash can be used to develop interactive websites that allow the user to upload and custom create products, add layers on to existing images and much much more.

Microsoft has developed their own version of flash called Silverlight and Silverlight has the same flexibility and options as flash. So determining weather to use flash or Silverlight on your website will be determined on how the rest of your website or portal is developed. DALLAS PRO WEB DESIGNERS has some of the best flash and Silverlight developers in the industry and each and everyone of them are certified by either Adobe or Microsoft. During the discovery stage of your project we will determine if flash or Silverlight should be used. Some examples that these can be used for are custom mapping systems, custom image galleries, slide shows, user controls etc. Below we have listed some flash examples so you can get an idea of how flash can be used. Give us a call and lets discuss the details of your project to determine if flash or silverlight will be needed to provide you the best presence for your users.

Below are some flash examples for you to view and get an idea how flash can be used

A simple flash animation movie.

Move your mouse over the screen and see how it interacts with your cursor.

This is also a simple animated movie.

This is a flash control that can control another object.

This is also a controller used to change another object.

Click on the bubbles below and see how flash can be used to interact with your user.

Flash can also be used to capture and process data.

Add real effects like moving clouds using flash.


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