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Pay-Per-Click Management

Pay Per Click Search Engines (PPC) can be a very fast and effective way of delivering traffic and more importantly sales from your website. A brand new site can deliver results immediately via PPC which can prove useful while their search engine optimization and link building is taking place. Furthermore PPC enables you to target keywords from which you would not otherwise be able to obtain high rankings within the natural search engine results. However it is important to keep proper track of how much you spend and how that money is converting to sales/profits.

What Makes a Great Pay Per Click Management Company?

Beware of Bid Management Software

There are many PPC firms in the industry today that tout having Bid Management Software. However, in today’s environment bid management software can not do the job by its self. You will find that we use a 60/40 rule. That is 60% human intervention for intelligent decisions 40% software monitored. We have bid management software and it is a great tool but your PPC Account Manager is the driving force of your campaign. You can not allow your company to become a “client name/number” on bid management software and forgotten about.

Google has made over 400 changes in 2008 which is up 70% from the year before. A lot of these changes are directly related to Google Adwords Management. For instance, the mind set of some PPC Management Companies has often been “the more keywords I have the better off I will be, because I don’t pay for them unless someone clicks on them, right? Not true anymore. If you have poor or non-performing keywords inside of your campaigns Google will penalize you. Quality scores in Google Adwords is now King.

Pricing Structure – Flat Fee vs. Percent of Spend

There are still about 85% of PPC Companies that will charge you a percentage of your monthly spend in advertising in fees. Being that DALLAS PRO WEB DESIGNERS was one of the ground breaking leaders in the PPC Management industry we could see well in advance how ppc companies were using this price model to take an unfair advantage of their clients. Your monthly spend should never be an incentive for any firm. In fact, when it comes to PPC you don’t want anybody to increase your “traffic” you want them to increase you “conversions”. We have a flat fee program that allows your PPC account manager to focus on driving conversions not just traffic to your web site.

Right Ratio of PPC Managers to Accounts

A quality PPC Management company will never over burden the PPC Account Managers with clients. At DALLAS PRO WEB DESIGNERS we are constantly hiring and training new staff. As we grow and add new companies our staff needs to grow as well. In order for us to maintain quality PPC Account Managers Our Commitment to Ongoing PPC Management Services Team Training is our primary focus. This ensures every new client will get the attention to detail that they deserve.


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