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We provide complete turn key solutions for attorneys and law firms. Having a website is only the beginning. You can put your new website on your letter head,stationary and business cards to drive traffic, but ultimately you want to be found in the search engines. This is were we come in with our proven marketing techniques and years of online marketing experience..

As an attorney or a large law firm your website is usually the 1st impression your potential client gets. In today's technological world just having a website is not enough anymore. Your website must be clean and professional showing the potential client that your are a professional company and give them the confidence they need to choose you to handle their legal needs. If you have an old outdated website it can actually cost your allot of business and probably is as we speak. Do you know how much traffic you get? Do you know how many phone call or leads you get based on that traffic? 98% of all attorney do not have a clue. Don't you think it is important to know what your website is doing for you? We provide all of this to every client so that we can show you the results and make the necessary changes to your website if the results are not good.

You want to make sure you hire a company that has a proven track record and has the design and development experience to make it happen. Don't even think twice about having that college kid who offers to build your website cheap or the family member who wants to take a crack at it. We receive calls every day from law firms and individual attorneys who chose this path and it has done nothing but hurt their business. The reality is you get what you pay for online when it comes to web design and marketing. There is some misconception that anyone with internet access and some free software can build a website and this is so far from the truth.

Most states require that your website be reviewed and given a seal of approval before it can be used and we can take care of all that for you by submitting your website to the bar in your state for approval. We also no the dos and don'ts and what they will approve and what they will not approve. Don't waste your money with just any web company, freelancer or friend of the family. You may pay less today for your website but I promise you will pay more than you can possibly imagine long term. Make sure you hire a company that knows your business, that knows your clientele and has the experience to provide you with the best online presence for your law firm.

Do you want a professional website?

I doubt your office is in some garage somewhere and I doubt you show up for court in blues jeans and a t-shirt. Well your office and the way you present yourself is how everyone perceives you and the same applies to your website. You want it to look just as sharp as your office or that $800 suit you wear. Well we are the guys who can make it happen. We are the guys who take your business to a level your competitors wish they could achieve. Call us today and lets turn it up a notch and put you in a positions to cherry pick your clients.

Logo Design & Branding

We offer a complete custom package that's tailored to make you stand out. From logo design, to letter head and website creation. We can offer you a one stop solution to meet not only your branding and website needs, but also generate calls, leads and more business than you can handle. I will warn you if you call us be prepared to pull your check book out, but also be prepared to handle the overwhelming amount of business we will drive to your door, and whatever you do, don't use findlaw.com. You will only waste your money but you want realize it till many months down the road. The are good, but only at taking your money.

Exclusive Management and Acceptance

Since our products and services are setup to make you the leader in your area of practice we are limited to the amount of firms we will accept. Only so many can be #1 and the rest get the left overs. So not to cause a conflict of interest if we take you as a client we will not retain and competitor in your area or region. This ensures we can stand by our guarantee and commitment to you to be the #1 firm in your region.

Customer Service

DALLAS PRO WEB DESIGNERS ® is not only here during the build and planning of your campaign but we are here long after. Our goal is to bring you success online and give you the maximum return on investment. We establish long term relationships with out clients and this is done by loyalty to you and your firms success. If you are not successful then we are not successful..


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Do you need a professional web design company? DALLAS PRO WEB DESIGNERS is a leading web development, design and marketing firm in the US with clients around the world. Our number one goal is to provide each client with the same level of customer service & attention regardless of project size, budget and/or requirements. If you are looking for more than "Just a Website" then you need more than "Just a web design company" Give us a call today and lets discuss your project needs.

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